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Couples Therapy

Nurturing your relationships..

Couples work can involve many areas and is often more complex than individual work. It involves two or more individuals, their personal histories, and a co-created relationship between them. Here are some areas that couples or intimate partners may be interested in working on:

·         General relationship issues
·         Ineffective or dysfunctional communication
·         Repetitive negative cycles or interactions
·         Loneliness, isolation, or lack of intimacy
·         Premarital work: marriage preparation, decisions around marriage,                   becoming parents,

          Parenting style conflict
·         Repairing relationship injuries: building and securing trust within the                 relationship
·         Sexual concerns: 
Desire discrepancy, sexual pain, sexual exploration,              monogamy, polyamory, identity, sexual trauma
·         Infidelity

·         Pregnancy concerns

·         Post-birth concerns, post-partum depression, etc.

·         Adjusting to being a new parent

·         Loss of intimacy after having a child

·         Loss or confused identity after having children

·         Miscarriage or abortion

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Couples Therapy: Service
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