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Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

Each person has a unique history, creating experiences and challenges that shape their story. My hope is that individuals find a place where they can grow, heal, and explore their strengths to create the life they want to live.  These are come common areas I work in with individuals:

·         anxiety

·         depression

·         self-esteem

·         college/school/life transitions

·         feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed

·         disconnection from yourself or the people in your life

·         sexual issues or concerns: dysfunctions, trauma, intimacy, sexuality, arousal, desire

·         grief, loss, and transition

·         identity issues, including gender identity

·         self-harming

I welcome people of all racial, gender, age, and ability backgrounds and identities!

College Student Special:

I love working with those who are attending college or graduate school. I work with these groups to help navigate the complex and high demanding system of transitioning between households, college, and career. My Eastlake location is convenient for those attending schools around the downtown area, including but not limited to University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle University, Cornish, Seattle Central College, and Antioch. For these students, I offer a reduced college-student rate.  

Individual Therapy: Service
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